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Dance. Virtuosity. Exhilaration.

The Royal High Jinx write, play and sing music inspired by European traditions, shaded with gypsy jazz and a pinch of classical virtuosity, while sporting a spectacular wardrobe combining dapper suits and burlesque exuberance.

Sarah (Violin), Silas (Piano, Drums), Jen (Guitars) and Terry (Mandolin) formed the band in Melbourne Australia in 2014 as a way to explore their musical roots and bring their favourite spicy instrumental music and classic continental standards into the modern age.

Their most recent album "Gone Gone Gone" was released in April 2018. It is a delicious 10 course meal for your ears - gypsy dance pop seasoned with Latin and electro-swing beats, featuring their most popular songs and tunes from their live shows, and capturing their enthusiasm, craft and cheekiness.

Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows

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Violin and Voice
Sarah brings down the house with her dazzling violin technique, angelic singing, amazing outfits and wild stage antics.
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Keys, Drums, Voice
Silas sometimes performs the mesmerising feat of playing keyboards and drums at the same time.
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Mandolin, Voice, Juggling
Terry picks the mando with machine-like precision and sings like an angel. He also performs devilishly tricky feats of juggling and circus.
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Guitar and Voice
Jen will wow you with her exquisite gypsy guitar playing, velvet vocals and shiny uke shredding.


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